What makes Tiferes Ensemble unique?

Rabbi Yitzchak Cowen is a true artist, especially in creating arrangements. The orchestrated pieces that Yitzchak puts together are a true joy to listen to. Known for their professional polish, his compositions are derived from many famous nigunim that vary in both sound and style. Yitzchak lays down beats that exude a combination of strength & flexibility, creating rich and complete sounds that leave the audience feeling uplifted and enriched from beginning to end.
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About Rabbi Yitzchak Cowen

“Whoever sings in this world, will also sing in the next.” ~Talmud

Rabbi Cowen has dedicated his life to bringing music to everyone he meets. Including years with the prestigious Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Rabbi Cowen has played, recorded, and taught in many venues across the country. Today you can find him teaching instrumental music to students privately and at the Pittsburgh Public schools while freelancing in many locations. Rabbi Cowen resides in Pittsburgh with his wife and 8 children.

Some wedding suggestions and helpful tips

Making a wedding is a happy and stressful time. Here are some suggestions concerning the band that may make your simcha easier:

Appoint someone to notify the band when the Choson and Kallah are ready to enter the wedding hall. Let the band leader know ahead of time who that person is so there will not be any confusion as to when to start the grand entrance. (Some feel that the caterer is officially the one to signal the band to begin)

Need an announcement made? Ask someone from the band to do it. Loud unnecessary squealing noises from the speakers are due to feedback problems which happen when someone handling the mic accidentally points it at the speakers. Someone from the band knows how to avoid this problem and the announcement will be made in a professional manner.

How do we stop the band? If you need the band to stop (time for speeches, dinner, or special announcement) it should be from someone that the band recognizes as “official” or a family member. Once the band has been given notification to stop give them time to end the song in a professional way. It will not take long even though it sounds like they are not stopping.

Ask your caterer to have the band table ready and served as soon as possible. The faster the members of the band are taken care of the faster they will return to the band stand.

Other helpful tips:
Bring a camera with you when you are planning your wedding. Capture your wedding preparations to complete your scrapbook. After all, 99% of your wedding is done before your wedding day but very few people record all of their efforts in making their day a treasured one.

Pack a sewing kit, make-up kit, white chalk (for lipstick or pen marks on white clothing), extra stockings, comb, hair spray, tylenol, toothpaste, safety pins, rubber bands, hair pins, plastic bags, band aids, tissues, and paper towels for emergencies.

Gas up all of the cars the day before.


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"I'm Getting Sentimental" is dedicated to Joseph Skrzynski, my music teacher and mentor.


"Rabbi Cowen is a delightful talented musician and exceptional trombonist. I would highly recommend his services, TifieresEnsemble for your next special occasion".

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In my presentation I tell my inspirational story of my journey back to Judaism, starting with me playing with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the challenges I faced as I became an observant Jew.

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